What's Next?

The Start

Alright, this will get repetitive, but we have to thank you at the start of every update. We get an order and look at each other like it's the first deskmat we sent out. Thank you. 

A desk is where we work, create, and play, and to think that there will be over 500 desks where PhaseByte art sits on is unbelievable. 

I still remember when we asked each other how many deskmats we should manufacture when starting PhaseByte. 

"Uh, 10 of each kind?"
"No, it's gotta be more. I think we could sell 200 for this year..."
And here we are, manufacturing more than a thousand in under six months. Thank you. You're all amazing. 


So, where to next? 

It has been busy. Trying to grow what was supposed to be a tiny company into something bigger hasn't come without challenges (challenges we are grateful for). We're scaling shipping, packaging, and new product lines as fast as possible. 

Coming soon is a limited edition run of wrist rests, handcrafted with a silver inlay PhaseByte motif. Coming soon are artisan keycaps that we can't wait to unveil. And finally, three more deskmat designs that are out of this world (literally).

You might catch sneak peeks on TikTok and Instagram. We hope to have these before the end of the year. No promises though, shipping lanes and clearances are as congested as ever. But we hope! 

Thanks for supporting us, and we can't wait to share what we've been working on the past few months. 

I hope you're staying safe and doing well. 


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