PhaseByte : an accessories company with stunning video game graphics influenced deskmats, keycaps, and wrist rests.

There are enough black mousepads. What there will never be enough of is great art.

PhaseByte’s vision is to add art to the computer accessories market through our ability to design, curate, and create.

Started by an electrical engineer who loves to game, PhaseByte is first and foremost a passion project. When her search for a deskmat she loved came up short, she took matters into her own hands like any great engineer. 

First, she looked at every product on the market. Did you know every brand's XL is different? Or that half the brands on the market claim they have proprietary construction that's just a marketing gimmick? Not to mention, half the companies don't ship anywhere but the United States.

Idea. Check. 

Design. Check.

Sourcing. Check.

Product. Check.

Pulling everything together, she finally created PhaseByte. Deskmats for herself and someone else who appreciates great art and loves to game. 

And if you’re here, hopefully, you appreciate it as much as we do. 

We've now shipped hundreds of deskmats to people around the world and we can't wait to make even more art first accessories.

Thanks for coming along. 

Got an idea? Let's make it happen.