Technical Specs

  • ► Compressed Layout
  • ► 7 Degree Typing Angle
  • ► Gasket Mount
  • ► Magnetic Enclosure
  • ► Forged Carbon Plate
  • ► 3000mAh Capacity
  • ► LED Lightbar
  • ► Made in Canada 🍁

Enjoy a fast, lag free experience thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 and future 2.4GHz support. The PhaseOne supports up to 5 Bluetooth profiles to quickly swap between devices. Use a USB-C cable to charge the battery and to use the keyboard in wired mode.

For wireless performance, PhaseOne supports ZMK. Remap any key on the keyboard on 4 different layers.

For wired performance, PhaseOne supports ZMK.

In wireless mode, the PhaseOne supports any device with Bluetooth. Whether you're a Mac or Windows user, our keyboard works with both. Even Android, or iOS. It's the perfect choice for maximizing productivity, gaming, or creating.

Each keyboard has two built in batteries that allows for weeks of use before conveniently charging it with the built in USB-C port.

The PhaseOne will start at $299.99 USD and limited to a 50 unit Founders Edition.

Founders Edition limited to 50 units, register now for release updates.